Federal Communications Commission March 30 2017

I am UNABLE to e-mail Comcast, Verizon or ATT.
They have all effectively censored all public e-mail input.
Therefore, i will inform you, the FCC, (and my local congressional reprsentatives) that i DO NOT approve of having any of my
internet browsing history sold, transferred, exchanged or recorded in any way by these companies.

The 4th amendment of the US Constitution PROTECTS my right to personal privacy without a warrant.
Therefore the recent law passed by the Congress regarding internet privacy is ILLEGAL.

To Comcast, Verizon and ATT: You will CEASE And DESIST from your CRIMES immediately.
i DO NOT give you permission to withhold, transfer, sell, exchange or record ANY of my internet browsing activity
or personal e-mail communications.

Continue forth your CRIMES and i will hold you accountable at the Judgement.
(Be forewarned: your very thoughts are KNOWN before you think them)

Jonas the Prophet
California USA

cc; Congressman Panetta (D-CA)
Congresswoman Anna Eschoo (D-CA)


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