It’s time to dismantle the military industrial complex.
Weapons and war are obsolete. Nuclear war can never be fought.
Even a limited nuclear war would have devastating consequences
On human habitation and the environment.
The real threats to humanity’s 21st century security are social,
Economic and environmental.
The twin primary threats to human continuity today are global climate
Change and the Fukushima radiation releases. Both of these global
Threats will not be solved with bullets, bombs and missiles.
They are fundamentally economic in nature. Both are, and will
Continue to have, profound environmental impacts on the human condition
For centuries, if not millenia, to come.
There is no global war on terror. There is no need for homeland security
Or a bloated domestic security budget. There IS a global water crisis.
The planet IS overpopulated. There are global deforestation and desertification trends that will affect the livelihoods of billions of people
In the decades to come.
There IS global hunger, poverty, starvation and disease that is responsible
For the deaths of tens of millions worldwide every year.
Soils are being rapidly depleted everywhere, leading to bioregional food shortages.
Species extinction rates are off the charts. Widespread
Ground, water and air pollution (including electromagnetic radiation) is
Thoroughly spread throughout the biosphere. Pestilence and disease
Rates are soaring among both animal and human populations.
There are now large “dead zones” in our oceans. Global food
Productivity has plunged worldwide, leading to a rampant increase
In famine, starvation and hunger all across our planet.
Our cities are thoroughly overcrowded leading to congestion, urban
Sprawl, higher crime rates, inadequate public services etc…
What is needed now is intelligent leadership and planet management.
Funds need to be immediately re-directed away from sprawling global
Military industrial intelligence security complex and into building a global
Green world order for mankind.
The very core of the world crisis we now face is a crisis in human
Consciousness. Only a shift in human consciousness will forever put an end
To weapons and war. Only an evolution in consciousness will put us
On a path of compassion, cooperation, caring and concern for our well-being
And the environment upon which all life ultimately depends.
Steve Jones
Global environmentalist
Vail, Colorado
Saving the planet:


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