Congressman Sam Farr-  27 feb 2015

since YOU are my federal representative, YOU will be the recipient of my views.

i want YOU and Congress to completely SHUT DOWN the US Dept of Homeland Security.  I want this institution politically and economically CRUSHED out of existence.  DHS is nothing but an American version of a German NAZI Gestapo.

I want the every single administrator and officer of the TSA THROWN out of our airports.  I want them ALL arrested, prosecuted and JAILED for willfully and maliciously violating the 4th amendment privacy rights of the American citizenry.  If the police won’t do it, then call in the National Guard.

I want ALL funding for local, state and federal police cut off immediately.

I want every prison in this state dismantled and destroyed.

I want ALL funding for the US military cut-off.  All War is now obselete.

Rather than wasting funds on running a right wing paramilitary Nazi police state in California (and America) , i want these funds re-directed into creating a global green world order for California (and for America and for Mankind).

If YOU and the rest of the Jewish run and supported Congress refuse to do these things and continue to NOT help EVOLVE our society onto a environmentally sustainable development path for the state of California (and for the rest of the world), then KNOW that i will be witnessing to the Creator of Heaven and Earth for the CRIMES you have all committed at the Judgement Day.

For my testimony is ready.

Jonas the Prophet

Santa Cruz, California USA


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