Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:1
Israel’s Unholy War on Jerusalem
TEHRAN (FNA)- They pretend to be modern, western, secular, and enlightened. They fancy themselves a small island of rationalism and free thought in the midst of a dark sea of irrationalism and superstition. But all the self-deception in the world cannot hide the truth: Israel is waging a religious war – a Crusade, if you will – against the land and people of Jerusalem.

Israel’s claim to Occupied Jerusalem is rejected by virtually every nation on earth. The United Nations General Assembly recently voted 144 to 6 to condemn all of Israel’s laws and administrative regulations concerning the Holy City and to render them null and void. The UN vote re-affirmed that the legal status of Jerusalem has not changed – and that Israel’s 1967 theft of the Holy City is an ongoing war crime. Jerusalem, the whole world says, is under illegal occupation. The same resolution also demanded Israel’s complete withdrawal from all territories stolen in 1967.

But what about the six nations that voted against the UN resolution? The only two major nations to oppose it were the United States and Canada. The other four were all tiny, insignificant countries: The Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, and Israel itself.

This raises the question: How did such a small, insignificant regime as Israel, which ranks 96th in population size behind such nations as Benin, Belarus and Burundi, and 153rd in area behind Djibouti, Lesotho and Moldova, acquire the power to defy the whole world and bend the United States and Canada to its depraved will?

The short answer is that Israel can defy the world because it owns the United States, the current self-appointed world hegemon. As James Petras explains in his book The Power of Israel in the United States, dozens of Jewish-Zionist billionaires and hundreds of Jewish-Zionist millionaires fund an army of roughly 500,000 Jewish-Zionist fanatics. Though these half-million Jewish-Zionist fanatics – the central pillar of the Zionist Power Configuration – represent only about 15 percent of American Jews, their heavily-funded political lobbying has made the United States of America a de facto colony of the regime of Israel.

About half of the legalized bribes euphemistically described as “campaign contributions” given to American politicians comes from these Jewish Zionists. That is why Israel owns the US Congress and dominates the White House.

The Jewish Zionists also rule the propaganda industry known as the media. And Jewish-Zionist propagandists, by inundating American Christians with lies beginning with the Untermeyer-funded Scofield Bible, have raised a zombie army of perhaps 30 million Christian Zionists. This relatively poor, unsophisticated, undereducated and irrational segment of the US population supplies millions of Israeli shock troops in American elections.

Israel’s Unholy War on Jerusalem would not exist if the Zionists did not dominate the United States.

The Zionist Unholy War on the Holy Land is by far the biggest long-term threat to world peace. Polls show that even Europeans, whose media and governments are also heavily influenced by Zionists, consistently name Israel as the greatest threat to global peace.

By ethnically cleansing the Holy Land of its Muslim and Christian inhabitants, a few million Zionists have effectively declared war against the 4.5 billion people who identify as either Christian or Muslim. The Zionists have succeeded (thus far) by playing divide-and-conquer. They have turned Christians against Muslims through a propaganda war whose centerpiece was the false flag attack of September 11th, 2001.

The Zionists kill and/or displace more and more of Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian residents every day. They are bulldozing the Holy City’s architectural heritage to build Jews-only housing developments. And they are attacking the al-Aqsa mosque – Islam’s oldest and greatest architectural monument – by hollowing out the ground beneath it in “architectural excavations” designed to undermine its foundations and prepare the way for its eventual destruction.

The Jewish-Zionist propaganda network in America is whipping Christian Zionists into a hysterical millenarian frenzy whose aim is the destruction of the al-Aqsa Mosque. In its place, they propose to build a new Jewish Temple. The Christian Zionists, brainwashed by today’s successors to Untermeyer, want the Jewish Zionists to blow up al-Aqsa and start slaughtering pink heifers. This, they believe, would trigger Armageddon – the last world war – and fulfill their end-times prophecies.

But you don’t need a prophecy to know that destroying the greatest religious monument revered by almost two billion people would ignite an all-out religious war.

The unholy war on Jerusalem is part of the larger Zionist war on the Middle East. The Zionists’ ultimate goal is a Greater Israel consisting of all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates, to be ruled from “Israel’s eternal capital” of Jerusalem. To achieve this, the people and nations of Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq would have to be liquidated.

The Greater Israel Zionists want to install a ruler who, they claim, would be a successor to King David. This new “King of the Jews” would rule not only Greater Israel, but also the world. In this Zionist New World Order, the Chosen People would rule the goyim (the other nations and peoples) who would be treated like cattle.

It sounds like megalomaniacal fantasy. But we should remind ourselves that only 150 years ago, the idea that a tiny Zionist movement of only a few million people could seize control of the world’s greatest empires – first the British empire and then the American empire – and force them to hand over the Holy Land on a silver platter, would have seemed equally delusional. Yet somehow it all came to pass.

If the Zionists ever do establish a new world hegemon called Greater Israel, and place on its throne an alleged “King of the Jews,” that new king would presumably be the Antichrist or Dajjal predicted in Christian and Muslim scriptures. The very concept of a new “King of the Jews” is an affront to Jesus, the real Jewish messiah; therefore anyone who took this title would be an impostor, a satanic false messiah. Yet thirty million American Christian Zionists are working and voting to create and empower this Antichrist and establish his dominion over the earth.

Fortunately, more and more people from all religious backgrounds and outlooks are awakening to the reality that the Zionist invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is tantamount to genocide. Even the biggest propaganda machine in the world – backed by the usurers who create and control most of the planet’s currency – cannot hide the fact that Israel’s crusade against the Holy Land is an unholy war.



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