25 November 2014


America has devolved into a fascist, dictatorial nazi police state.  Spy and surveillance cameras
have spread like a cancer all throughout our society.  Everywhere you go (supermarkets, rec centers,
libraries, schools, government buildings, street intersections etc..) this disease has manifested.
This complete privacy violation infestation has been spawned by America’s sprawling military-
industrial-intelligence-security complex.

The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate of any nation on Earth, higher
than even the dictatorial states of China and Russia.  America’s mafia run prison industrial complex
locks up more of its citizens than any other nation on Earth.  For all intents and purposes, the USA
is now a fascist, dictatorial nazi/communist police state, completely out of control, with the intent
of dominating, controlling and enslaving its citizens for the interests and profit objectives of the state.

Funding and directing it all is the International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the
CITY of London, UK.  This cartel owns and operates the US Federal Reserve in the USA (along with the
US military and defense establishments).  There is no “federal” government per se’.  The nation is owned
run by a shadow corporate cartel subservient not to the laws and rights of the US Constitution and
the Bill of Rights and its citizens, but to the profit motive and to the accrument and exercise of raw
corporate power worldwide.

What has been constructed around us is nothing less than an electronic prison.  The total enslavement
of human civilization by the International jewish corporate cartel is now upon us.  Instead of using technology
for the liberation and benefit of mankind, the powers that be are using the computer information
revolution to enslave and control the masses.

There are now spy and surveillance cameras everywhere in America.  Once the freest nation on Earth,
the USA is now the nation with the least amount of freedom.  They’ve turned our libraries, our supermarkets,
our schools, and our streets into into literal prisons.  All cell phone communications are now relayed
to cell towers, collected and put into a limitless NSA (National Security Agency) database in complete
violation of our right to privacy.  New Illegal “stingray” cell towers and drones are also collecting and relaying
our identity and GPS location in real time to local, state and federal agencies, making sure they know
where we are 24 hours a day.  The phone number you give when you purchase products from CVS, Safeway
and Walgreens (for example), goes into a database that builds a purchase history and psychological profile
on you just like the East German Stasi did before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Tyranny has now come to
America, except this time its being done with high tech surveillance and sophisticated computer software.

The forced use of ID’s, phone numbers, usernames and passwords in order to “log-in” to a computer
terminal at home, at work, at our libraries and our schools are specifically designed to monitor, track, record
and illegally surveil a users internet activity in blatant violation of America’s 4th Amendment right to
personal privacy.  This is the anti-thesis of freedom, openess, creativity and democratic accountability.
This is an American fascist nazi/communist police state, a literal 4th Reich that has now come to our nation.

What to do?  Throw away your smart phones, i-pads and cell phones.  Do not give your phone number when
making supermarket discount card purchases.  Phone numbers are being used by the NSA as prime personal
identification tags, so as to build a database file on you.  Limit your use of supermarket discount cards and
give false identification when getting them.  Do not let them take a digital photograph of you, as Safeway is
now starting to do.  Supermarket discount cards are a form of blackmail.  This should tell you right off the bat that
we are dealing with a psychopathic, mentally ill, criminal, mafia, police state.

Call for the removal of all surveillance cameras in every store, business and institution you visit, as well as
for the prosecution and incarceration of those responsible for violating your privacy by surveilling and photographing
you without your permission, knowledge or consent.  Many businesses are installing TSA type security agents in
their stores as well.  Homeland Security Nazi Gestapo-like guards are infiltrating our public libraries, schools, banks,
grocery stores and shopping malls.  Call for their immediate removal as well.

At our airports, refuse to go through their biometric radiation scanners.  You may wish to refuse to be molested
and illegally searched (as if you were a criminal) in order to get through security and board a flight.  If everyone
refused to cooperate, their house of cards would fall overnight.  Call for an end to the TSA and the restitution of
electronic scanners at our airports.  Our 4th Amendment right to be free from unwarranted and illegal searches
and seizures is the LAW in this country.

Learn to “opt-out” of the tyrannical electronic surveillance control grid penopticon prison they have ensnared
everyone in.  They wish to dominate, control and enslave us financially in every way they can.  This is all
leading to what biblical scripture foretells as the dreaded “Mark of the Beast” (see Revelations 13) to be put
on one’s right hand or forehead.  This will most likely be an invisible laser tattoo barcode linked to a global
biometric identification database.  This prophecy alone, should prove to anyone that that which is veiled in
biblical scripture is the true cosmology we are embedded in as a species.

By taking their mark, in order to buy and sell, you give absolute subservience to the military-industrial-intelligence-
security complex controlled and run by a psychopathic, tyrannical, jewish rothschild nazi/communist world
government empire who serve the current “god” of this world: Lucifer.  You, in essence, will be worshiping
and submitting to the Devil.

There is NO reform for a system that has gone this far to control, enslave and desecrate the freedom, sanctity
and dignity of the human species.  The head of the snake- the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel,
its political power bases in both New York City and London and its military industrial-intelligence-security complex-
needs to be completely EXTERMINATED from off the face of this planet for all time. There is no other option now.

The ONLY force capable of terminating this evil, wicked and perverted empire will be an external extraterrestrial
invading incursion from off planet coming down to bring judgement, punishment and eternal damnation (in Hell)
to these transgressors.  This Extraterrestrial Invasion has been prophesized in the Torah, Gospel and the Koran
and is on the way…


Craig Stevens
Berkeley, California



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