“Opt-Out” of the Penopticon!


EDITORIAL     3-11-2014


Its time for all upright, decent, good-hearted people to learn to “opt-out”

 of the Penopticon.

Its time we get OFF their Internet and learn to throw their smart phones away,

since this whole communications revolution has turned into one big giant spy and

surveillance bonanza for the global military-industrial-intelligence-security corporate


Lets BOYCOTT these privacy-violating intrusions into our lives and deny them the

“intel” they psychotically, desperately and lustfully thrive after.

If there’s no one using their electromagnetic surveillance system, then the

whole thing ceases to operate.

If you haven’t already, learn to “opt-out” of the TSA radiation scanners at the airports.

US citizens have a constitutional right to be free of unreasonable searches and

seizures.   Its called the 4th Amendment.  Better yet, learn NOT to fly.  http://wewontfly.com

Without internet, biometric scans, surveillance feeds and smart phone inputs to

the NSA, their whole ILLEGAL surveillance and prison-police state human control system

comes crashing down to the ground.   Learn to “opt-out” of the Penopticon.


Sheri Rodgers

Silicon Valley

Mountain View, California U.S.A.


***Addenum:  Here in Silicon Valley, California, one can feel the spirit of evil emanating

from the companies and corporations here that are building the new biometric “mark of the beast”

global electronic spy and surveillance control grid that will enslave humanity.

California, rather than becoming a world leader in cutting edge, innovative environmental technologies

designed to transition our world into a sustainable world civilization (and save our planet) , has instead become a

world leader  in enslaving and degrading the human species.

A state that builds one college for every 22 state prisons is a state that has

definitely got its priorities backwards.   Thanks to the state of California, we will have nothing

to pass on to our future generations, except a world devoid of truth, dignity and human freedom.



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