Commentary/ March 4, 2014


“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations,
with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth:
for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

– Luke 21:25-27


There is an event coming to the Earth that will shake this planet and its inhabitants to the very core:

Its called Planet X.

We live in a binary star system.  In fact, 60-90% of all stars in our galaxy are binary stars.  Our binary

star, in astronomical terms, is known as a “brown dwarf”.   That is, a star that didn’t have enough nuclear

mass to ignite into a shining star during its birth.  Its a heavy object with a mass 5-10 times greater

than that of the Earth.   It is this “star” that has been dubbed, “Planet X”, the tenth planet.

This star/planet has a highly elliptical 3,600 year orbit below the southern ecliptic, as well as its

own mini solar system.  It can only be seen in the infrared since it doesn’t shine like most stars.

It has a dark red color to it due to the fact that it is predominantly made up of nickel and iron oxide.

Planet X was first discovered back in December of 1982 and has been debunked and kept highly

classified within the world’s major scientific, space and security institutions and agencies since then.

Many have speculated that this 10th planet is soon scheduled to make another flyby.  Some predict

as early as 2016.   If and when another flyby occurs, historical evidence suggests that there will be

large earthquakes, numerous volcanic eruptions, the shifting of tectonic plates leading to the sinking and

upheaval of large segments of the earth’s crust, and massive tidal waves inundating most coastal

and inland continental areas of our planet.

We may see large plasma and red iron oxide discharges between Planet X and the Earth due to the

large gravitational force that will synchronize between these 2 bodies once this flyby occurs again.

Historical evidence also suggests that during this time, our planet may go through another pole shift,

or experience another magnetic polar reversal, which will cause great destruction, damage and

distress upon our world and its inhabitants.

In the past this has resulted in the sun remaining stationary in the sky for 3 or more days.  And, as

the north and south poles shift and re-establish themselves onto adjacent sectors of the Earth’s

surface, there will be flash freezes over entire regions of the Earth, as well as a complete reversal

of the sun’s path across our sky.

There is speculation in Bible prophecy eschatology that Planet X may be the reference to “Wormwood”

in the Book of Revelations.   If this is true, then it won’t be a global thermonuclear war

that is prophesized to take out 1/3rd of Mankind at the end of days (as many believe), but the destruction

wrought by a large incoming comet brought in by Planet X as it makes its next transit through our solar


Finally, it must be noted that during Planet X’s last flyby, we had the seas parting and the waters turn

blood red as recorded in the Book of Exodus, and before that, the Great Flood during Noah’s time.

The fulfillment of Biblical prophecy seems to line up perfectly with celestial events such as with the annual

flyby of Planet X.   It might be a good idea to keep close tabs on the specifics and timing of its next

flyby, since it may in fact, be a confirmation that we are ready to enter into the Last Days

of biblical prophecy as revealed and recorded in the Christian New Testament.

For more information and to learn more about Planet X, go to my website:  http://burntsnow7.tripod.com

Steve Jones

Prophecy researcher

Flagstaff, Arizona



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