The New Military-Industrial Complex





According to US historian and researcher William F. Engdahl’s new book, “Full Spectrum Dominance,” as the “Soviet Union dissolved into chaos” a new Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) was put together with two major components: the American Security Council (ASC) and the Big Three Weapons makers – Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing Corporation, and Raytheon Corporation.


 The American Security Council is “one of the least known and most influential organizations to formulate policy initiatives for the MIC.” This non-profit organization was founded in 1956, but its origin dated back to 1938. The ASC “had a profound impact on the history of the United Statesand its global leadership role, yet it remained almost completely shielded from public view”. The core group of the ASC was put together in 1938 at the same time that Council on Foreign Relations with the funding from the Rockefeller Foundation launched the War & Peace project. This project, according to Engdahl, developed the outlines to establish a postwar American imperium that would disguise its real intentions with misleading jargon about “anti-colonialism, free enterprise and democratic ideals” around the world.


   Who were the architects of this new imperialist American Century?


·       Henry Luce – the founder of Time and Life’s magazines


  •        Jay Lodestone – AFL-CIO’s director of its International Affairs Department, which channeled millions of CIA dollars to anti-communist projects internationally, particularly in Latin American.
  •        Hughston McBain – chairman of Chicago’s Marshall Field department stores.
  •        Theodore V. Houser – chairman of Sears & Roebuck, now owned by K-Mart.
  •        Hollywood’s Walt Disney
  •        Averrel Harriman – former Soviet ambassador and FDR’s wartime liaison to Churchill.
  •        Gen. Douglass MacArthur
  •        Nelson A. Rockefeller – scion of Standard Oil, wartime head of the CIA in Latin America, National Security Adviser under Eisenhower, and Vice President to Pres. Ford.


The ASC acted as a “lobbying group for the armaments industry, for the biggest defense contractor,” including some of the most aggressive military organizations in the USA: the Coalition for Peace Through Strength, which lobbied against the SALT treaty and suggested that Carter “was unilaterally disarming the US.” This group sponsored South Korean anti-communist Rev. Sun Myune Moon’s right-wing daily, The Washington Times and the ultra-right-wing magazine Human Event of the John Birch Society.


The Clinton administration encouraged and subsidized the Big Three weapons makers: Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon, which now receive among themselves over $30 billion per year in Pentagon contracts.




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