March 1st, 2014


International Rothschild Jewry: The New Hitler’s of the 21st Century


The International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the CITY of London, United Kingdom, is the new Nazi Germany of our time.     International Rothschild Jewry have become the new Hitler’s of the 21st Century.

The International Rothschild Empire owns and controls the vast majority of the world’s wealth-  both in financial  and  in resource terms.    Their primary currency is GOLD.   It has been estimated that they collectively own and  control over one half of the world’s gold supply, estimated to be at over $500 TRILLION US dollars.

This Global Fascist Banking Cartel is evil, ruthless and diabolical to its very core and is using every means at its command today to procure  wealth, power and authority solely unto itself.

They own and control the global media, the global militaries, the global intelligence agencies, the global agricultural institutions, the global pharmaceutical industries, the global political establishments, the global religious institutions, the global development establishments, the global land, mineral and water resources and a majority of the world’s nations through their nationwide network of centralized banks.

Their primary goal today is to REDUCE the world’s population with global eugenics/depopulation campaigns aimed at eliminating over 5 BILLION of the world’s citizens.

There are a number of ways they are accomplishing this goal.  Their primary global depopulation/eugenics operation is Global Climate Change.   By purposely NOT solving this threat with alternative/free energy systems and continuing forward with an antiquated and highly polluting hydrocarbon economy, they are condemning present and future generations to a world of drastic food, water and land shortages as the planet rapidly warms.  This will, in turn, destroy the lives of countless BILLIONS throughout the world in the fullness of time. 

Another way they are accomplishing this goal is with PURPOSEFUL underdevelopment policies and strategies (primarily in the 3rd world) which ALREADY takes the lives of up to 40 MILLION  innocent men, women and children every year through hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition (that’s over 6 jewish holocausts annually) .   The only term that can possibly describe this mass level of global genocide is: THE GREAT HOLOCAUST.

Wars, the propagation of GMO (genetically modified) food, fluoridated water, vaccines, radiation releases and purposely engineered famines, pestilences, pandemics and diseases are other diversified ways they are carrying out their pro-DEATH agenda worldwide amongst the peoples and nations of the world.

The International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel promotes an international permanent war economy and is itself nothing short of an international  war crimes racketeering syndicate.  It is the most vicious and ruthless empire that has ever arisen in the history of the world. This insidiously evil, wicked and diabolical force in world affairs has been responsible for the deaths of billions of human beings in the past and is setting itself up to be responsible for the deaths of billions more in the future if they are not stopped. The Rothschild Jews are quickly becoming the GREATEST mass murderers in all of human history.
As such,  the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel has turned itself into the SUPREME enemy of Mankind, as well as becoming the SUPREME enemy of all other LIFE on Earth.

Runaway Global Climate Change has ALREADY resulting in a “locked-in” 5-10 degree Fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100.  This increase, by all accounts, will prove to be absolutely CATASTROPHIC for the health, well-being and survivability of the human enterprise on into the foreseeable future.

Massive radiation releases into the global environment through the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, nuclear power plants leaks and nuclear reactor complex disasters such as at Fukushima, Japan, are slated to KILL life for generations to come as the lethality of this radioactivity quickly moves into the genetic gene pool of all life on Earth in the years and decades to come.   DU has a half life of 3.5 BILLION years, which means it will go on killing life for literally, time immemorial.

Recognizing these threats to our survival and continuity as a species, it is high time to forcibly REMOVE, PUNISH and EXTERMINATE  those who bear prime responsibility for this calculated, cold blooded global and inter-generational genocide: International Rothschild Jewry.  As it was right and proper to remove Hitler and destroy the German 3rd Reich during World War 2, so it is high time to remove and destroy the Jewish “Nazi” 4th Reich today.

I hereby issue a clarion call to all freedom fighters and defenders of life, liberty and justice  worldwide to use any and all means available to wipe this Jewish Rothschild scourge from off the face of this planet for all time.  Let us never forget that it was the Rothschild Jew who was primarily responsible for funding the Nazi 3rd Reich, who were primarily responsible for killing 6 million Jews during World War 2.  These are the people that funded International Communism through Marx, Trotsky and Stalin that ended up killing over 60 million of their fellow Russian citizens.  These are the people who funded Mao, who ended up killing tens of millions of his own people in Indo-China.   And the list goes on…

With the Jewish Holocaust of World War 2 (which the Rothschild Jew funded and directed), they think has bought themselves immunity from world scrutiny and blame for the atrocities they are committing today (as they have diabolically planned all along).  Wrong.  They have only reinforced the diabolical nature of who and what they really are: supreme agents of the Devil.  It is none other than LUCIFER himself who the Jewish Rothschild Empire serves.  In all truth, they are become the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN.

 Let us pray for the DAY that comes quickly when the Kingdom of Heaven returns in FIRE, VENGEANCE and in GREAT GLORY to completely overthrow this wicked world and forcibly cast into HELL all the servants of the Devil who now abound on this planet   May our Heavenly Father completely RID the world of both evil man and fallen angel and give them ALL a fate “worse than death” for their crimes on the Great Day of Heavenly Judgement.





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