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The New Global Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Security Complex

The New Military-Industrial Complex





According to US historian and researcher William F. Engdahl’s new book, “Full Spectrum Dominance,” as the “Soviet Union dissolved into chaos” a new Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) was put together with two major components: the American Security Council (ASC) and the Big Three Weapons makers – Lockheed Martin Corporation, Boeing Corporation, and Raytheon Corporation.


 The American Security Council is “one of the least known and most influential organizations to formulate policy initiatives for the MIC.” This non-profit organization was founded in 1956, but its origin dated back to 1938. The ASC “had a profound impact on the history of the United Statesand its global leadership role, yet it remained almost completely shielded from public view”. The core group of the ASC was put together in 1938 at the same time that Council on Foreign Relations with the funding from the Rockefeller Foundation launched the War & Peace project. This project, according to Engdahl, developed the outlines to establish a postwar American imperium that would disguise its real intentions with misleading jargon about “anti-colonialism, free enterprise and democratic ideals” around the world.


   Who were the architects of this new imperialist American Century?


·       Henry Luce – the founder of Time and Life’s magazines


  •        Jay Lodestone – AFL-CIO’s director of its International Affairs Department, which channeled millions of CIA dollars to anti-communist projects internationally, particularly in Latin American.
  •        Hughston McBain – chairman of Chicago’s Marshall Field department stores.
  •        Theodore V. Houser – chairman of Sears & Roebuck, now owned by K-Mart.
  •        Hollywood’s Walt Disney
  •        Averrel Harriman – former Soviet ambassador and FDR’s wartime liaison to Churchill.
  •        Gen. Douglass MacArthur
  •        Nelson A. Rockefeller – scion of Standard Oil, wartime head of the CIA in Latin America, National Security Adviser under Eisenhower, and Vice President to Pres. Ford.


The ASC acted as a “lobbying group for the armaments industry, for the biggest defense contractor,” including some of the most aggressive military organizations in the USA: the Coalition for Peace Through Strength, which lobbied against the SALT treaty and suggested that Carter “was unilaterally disarming the US.” This group sponsored South Korean anti-communist Rev. Sun Myune Moon’s right-wing daily, The Washington Times and the ultra-right-wing magazine Human Event of the John Birch Society.


The Clinton administration encouraged and subsidized the Big Three weapons makers: Lockheed, Boeing and Raytheon, which now receive among themselves over $30 billion per year in Pentagon contracts.




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The Globalization of NATO: Military Doctrine of Global Warfare

New Book by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya



Author:  Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Clarity Press (2012)
Pages:  411 with complete index

Now Available: Order directly from Global Research

The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day. One organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington’s influence in Europe and continue what was actually America’s post-World War II occupation of the European continent. In 1991 the raison d’être of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO’s moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.

Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism. Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean. It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO’s objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes.

The Atlantic Alliance’s ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire. NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project. NATO’s globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III.


The Globalization of NATO

Author:  Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
ISBN:  978-0-9852710-2-2
Clarity Press

Year:  2012
Pages:  411 with complete index

Price: $22.95

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Global Research Editor’s Note

We bring to the attention of our readers this important and timely book by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

This book analyses in detail the historical evolution of NATO’s post-Cold War mandate and military interventions.

The author takes the reader across the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia and the Far East, through the “military corridors” of the Atlantic Alliance, the Pentagon and the Washington think tanks, where the new post-Cold War military doctrine of global warfare is decided upon.

And from the formulation of military doctrine,  Nazemroaya examines NATO’s mandate, its military campaigns, focusing on the geopolitical regions where Global NATO has extended its Worldwide grip.

The book from the outset examines the economic dimension of NATO’s military undertakings, how the latter support the imposition of deadly macroeconomic reforms on sovereign countries. War and globalization are intricately related.  Economic globalization under the helm of Wall Street and the IMF is endorsed by a global military agenda.

Nazemroaya explores how dominant economic interests are supported by the “internationalization” of NATO as a military entity, which has extended its areas of jurisdiction from the European-North Atlantic region into new frontiers. “The Globalization of NATO” endorses and sustains the Worldwide imposition of neoliberal economic doctrine.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a man of tremendous courage and conviction. Having lived through the extensive NATO bombing raids of Tripoli at the height of NATO’s humanitarian” war on Libya, the lives of others within his entourage were always more important than his own life.

It is within this frame of mind and commitment, having witnessed firsthand the horrors of NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect”, that upon returning from Libya in September 2011, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya started working relentlessly on his manuscript.

While the conclusions of Nazemroaya’s detailed analysis and investigation are by no means optimistic, this globally military agenda can be reversed when people around the world, in the true spirit of internationalism and national sovereignty, join hands in dismantling the NATO killing machine and its corporate sponsors.

That is why this book is an important landmark, a handbook for action.

Through commitment, courage and truth at all levels of society, across the land, nationally and internationally, this process of “global militarization” described by Nazemroaya, can be forcefully reversed.

At this critical juncture in our history, “the criminalization of  war” is the avenue which must be sought, as a means to instating World peace.

Can the objective of World peace be achieved? In the words of former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday, read Nazemroaya’s book “before it is too late.”

Michel Chossudovsky, Montreal, October 8, 2012


“The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is simply magnificent, erudite and devoid of the ethnocentrism to which one has become so accustomed from Western authors. The book deals with what doubtless are the most important and relevant issues of the day for all those committed to saving life and protecting Mother Earth from rampant human irresponsibility and crime. There is no other book that, at this particular time, I would most heartily endorse. I think Africans, Near Eastern peoples, Iranians, Russians, Chinese, Asians and Europeans generally and all the progressive Latin American countries of today will find a much needed reinforcement and support for their peaceful ideals in this excellent must-read book.”
–MIGUEL D’ESCOTO BROCKMANN, Foreign Minister of Nicaragua (1979-1990) and President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2008-2009): Managua, Nicaragua.

“We are far away from the principles and objectives for which the United Nations was created and the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal stipulating that some state actions can be considered crimes against peace. Nazemroaya’s book, in addition to reminding us that the role of the United Nations has been confiscated by NATO, elaborates the danger that the North Atlantic Treaty represents to world peace.”
–JOSÉ L. GÓMEZ DEL PRADO, Chairman of the United Nations Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries (2005-2011): Ferney-Voltaire, France.

“Through carefully documented research, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya analyzes the historical and geopolitical evolution of NATO from the Cold War to the post 9/11 US- led “Global War on Terrorism.” This book is a must read for those committed to reversing the tide of war and imperial conquest by the world’s foremost military machine.”
–MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Ottawa and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG): Montréal, Canada.

“A very timely book. Yes, US-led NATO is globalizing, like the US-led finance economy. No doubt also for it to protect the latter, the “free market.” It is a classical case of overstretch to help save the crumbling US Empire and Western influence in general, by countries most of whom are bankrupt by their own economic mismanagement. All their interventions share two characteristics. The conflicts could have been solved with a little patience and creativity, but NATO does not want solutions. It uses conflicts as raw material it can process into interventions to tell the world that it is the strongest in military terms. And, with the help of the mainstream media, it sees Hitler everywhere, in a Milosevic, a bin Laden, a Hussein, a Qaddafi, in Assad, insensitive to the enormous differences between all these cases. I hope this book will be read by very, very many who can turn this morbid fascination with violence into constructive conflict resolution.”
–JOHAN GALTUNG, Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies and Sociology at the University of Oslo and Founder of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO), the Galtung- Institut, and the Transcend Network: Oslo, Norway.

“Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya’s prolific writings give us a comprehensive understanding of the character of the military thrust and it’s all out, no holds barred STRATEGIC plans and moves to invade, occupy and plunder the resources of nations, inflicting unprecedented barbaric acts on civilian populations. He is one of the prescient thinkers and writers of contemporary times who deserves to be read and acted upon by people with a conscience and concern for humanity’s future.”
–VISHNU BHAGWAT, Admiral and Chief of the Naval Staff of India (1996-1998): Mumbai, India.

“This is a book really necessary to understanding the role of NATO within the frame of long-term US strategy. The Globalization of NATO by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya not only provides an articulate analysis on the Atlantic Alliance: it is the best modern text devoted to the hegemonic alliance. With this book Nazemroaya reconfirms his ability as a brilliant geopolitical analyst.”
-TIBERIO GRAZIANI, President of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences/L’Istituto di Alti Studi in Geopolitica e Scienze Ausiliarie (IsAG): Rome, Italy.

“Nazemroaya is an unbelievable prolific writer. What has often amazed many is his almost nonstop writing on extremely important issues for the contemporary world and his analysis about the globalization of NATO. What amazes many of us in other parts of the world are his seemingly limitless depth, breadth and the thoroughness of his knowledge that has been repeatedly appearing in his work. We are deeply indebted to Nazemroaya’s humble, tireless and invaluable contributions through his fearless, insightful and powerful writings.”
–KIYUL CHUNG, Editor-in-Chief of The 4th Media and Visiting Professor at the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University: Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

“The Journalists’ Press Club in Mexico is grateful and privileged to know a man who respects the written word and used it in an ethical way without another interest other than showing the reality about the other side of power in the world. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya gives voice to the “voiceless.” He can see the other side of the moon, the side without lights.”
–CELESE SÁENZ DE MIERA, Mexican Broadcaster and Secretary-General of the Mexican Press Club: Federal District of Mexico City, Mexico.

“With his very well documented analysis, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya has conducted a remarkable decryption of the strategies implemented by NATO – in the interests of the United States, the European Union and Israel – to expand its military grip on the world, ensure its control over energy resources and transit routes, and encircling the countries likely to be a barrier or a threat to its goals, whether it be Iran, Russia or China. Nazemroaya’s work is essential reading for those that want to understand what is being played out right now on the map in all the world’s trouble spots; Libya and Africa; Syria and the Middle East; the Persian Gulf and Eurasia.”
–SILVIA CATTORI, Swiss political analyst and journalist: Geneva, Switzerland.


The Globalization of NATO

Author:  Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
ISBN:  978-0-9852710-2-2
Clarity Press

Year:  2012
Pages:  411 with complete index

Price: $22.95


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Top shareholders in Whole Foods and Monsanto: Identical

Top shareholders in Whole Foods and Monsanto: identical



Jon Rappoport
February 26, 2014

Is there a Whole Foods-Monsanto connection?

The answer is yes.

But the important question is: what does this connection mean?

What does it imply?

Is it significant?

If you consult open listings (for example,, you can look at the major shareholders of these two publicly traded companies, Monsanto and Whole Foods.

If you read the top 10 shareholders for each company—the holders of the most stock—you’ll see that five out of those ten are the same.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Who are those five?

Don’t prepare to see the names of individuals.

The five are funds. Investment funds.

They are, at the moment: Vanguard Total Stock Mkt. Index; SPDR S&P 500; Vanguard Institutional Index I; Vanguard 500 Index Inv; Harbor Capital Appreciation Instl.

These funds buy stocks in many, many companies.

These funds don’t say, “Well, we’ll buy Monsanto and Whole Foods stock and then exert massive direct control over Whole Foods and make it bow to Monsanto’s agenda.” No. That’s not how it works.

These funds make automatic purchases of stocks, based on computer calculations and based on the S&P rankings of companies.

These investment funds could be sitting on Mars, and their computers would be running numbers and buying and selling stock in Earth companies with no input from the outside.

Unless…something came up. Unless something big came up. Unless a private and elite word went out that Whole Foods was becoming a threat to some entrenched interest, some vital agenda. For example, some Monsanto agenda.

In that case, one of these big shareholders could cast a proxy vote that would go against the aims or plans of Whole Foods.

One of Vanguard’s investment funds is THE top shareholder of Monsanto, and the fourth largest shareholder of Whole Foods. Here, from Vanguard’s website, is a quote from “Vanguard’s proxy voting guidelines.” Read carefully:

“In evaluating proxy proposals, we consider information from many sources, including but not limited to, the investment advisor for the fund, the management or shareholders of a company presenting a proposal, and independent proxy research services. We will give substantial weight to the recommendations of the company’s board, absent guidelines or other specific facts that would support a vote against management. In all cases, however, the ultimate decision [on how to vote] rests with the members of the [Vanguard] Committee, who are accountable to the [Vanguard] fund’s Board.”

The key excerpt from this paragraph is: “We will give substantial weight to the recommendation of the company’s board, absent guidelines or other specific facts that would support a vote AGAINST MANAGEMENT.”

Bottom line, in plain English, it goes this way: “We, as an investment fund, hold a huge number of shares of a company (like Whole Foods). If the company is holding a vote on its future plans and policies, we can, if we decide to, weigh in with our huge voting block and go against the wishes of that company. And win.”

If such a proxy vote came down to favoring the agenda of Monsanto or Whole Foods, and if the situation was crucial enough, who do you think would come out on top? Who would be torpedoed?

Taking this a step further: with Whole Foods’ decision, in January of 1992, to go public, to become a publicly traded company, to sell stock out in the open, it put itself into a world where money talks a language that is no longer simply based on products sold and company profit.

Whole Foods entered a world where billions and trillions of dollars exert influence, where “important people” can “have discussions” with companies and “suggest strategies” and “offer advice” that goes beyond how to run a successful enterprise.

If someone who is tangentially associated with one of Whole Foods’ top shareholders shows up and wants to talk, there are ears ready to listen.

Remember, that top shareholder in Whole Foods is also a top investor in Monsanto. It isn’t hard to figure out which company—Whole Foods or Monsanto—occupies the superior position in that someone’s mind.

The top shareholder in Whole Foods holds a boatload of proxy votes in his back pocket. He can cast them with or against Whole Foods. The possibility is always there.

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Hunger Ravaged Starving Hordes Gather In Syria: “The Devastation is Unbelievable”

Hunger Ravaged Starving Hordes Gather In Syria: “The Devastation is Unbelievable”


Marc Slavo
February 27, 2014

For most Americans the crisis is over. For the people of Syria, war rages on and the fight for survival continues.

According to The Daily Mail, over 120,000 people are without food, water, medicine and essential services in Syria’s capital city of Damascus. Many are starving to death. Humanitarian aid has been slow to come amid complications with Syrian leadership, continued fighting in the country and the sheer size of the population requiring assistance.

This is what it looks like when a country’s entire infrastructure is completely destroyed and its safety nets fall apart.

People searching for resources as far as the eye can see…

Hunger Ravaged Starving Hordes Gather In Syria: “The Devastation is Unbelievable” syria hordes
(Pictured: Tens of thousands of people gather on a bombed-out street in the hopes of finding food)

Hundreds of men, women and children fight to get to the front of the queue as a refugee camp in Damascus receives food parcels after being cut off for months.

Today the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) called on rebel forces and Al-Assad’s troops alike to allow ‘safe and unhindered humanitarian access’ to thousands of civilians in Yarmouk, a Palestinian district in the Syrian capital.

Yarmouk has seen some of the worst fighting in the capital, leading to severe food shortages and widespread hunger.

‘The images are at once epic and personal. Row upon row of gaunt faces, serried ranks of grimy, raged figures; the delicate, hunger-ravaged features of children waiting in line for an UNRWA food parcel; the face of a mother creased in grief for a deceased child; tears of joy as a father is reunited with a long-lost daughter.

‘These are the vignettes of inhumanity that have become the regular fare of nightly news bulletins. They are UNRWA’s daily reality.’

Video: “The Devastation is Unbelievable”

The people coming from within Yarmouk appear suddenly near this distribution point. It’s like the appearance of ghosts.

These are people that have been trapped in a situation not only without food, medicines, clean water, all the basics… but also probably completely subjected to fear because there was fierce fighting going all along.

The devastation is unbelievable.

We’ve often discussed what James Rawles refers to as the golden horde – a mass gathering and/or exodus of people searching for resources in the aftermath of a mega-disaster.

The people of Syria have seen everything from supply lines to utility access completely cut. Some have lost their homes as a result of bombings.

While we certainly can’t prepare contingency plans for every possible scenario, a well developed preparedness plan can go a long way. It should include everything from supply stockpiling and self defense, to evacuation plans and secondary living arrangements.

As we’ve seen with disasters here in the United States, within 72 hours of an emergency event the majority of people will run out of food. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is often overwhelmed in limited-scope disasters like hurricanes. Can you imagine the severity of the crisis if it was a region- or nation-wide collapse of infrastructure?

It would be absolutely horrific for the non-prepper.

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International Rothschild Jewry: The New Hitler’s of the 21st Century

March 1st, 2014


International Rothschild Jewry: The New Hitler’s of the 21st Century


The International JEWISH Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the CITY of London, United Kingdom, is the new Nazi Germany of our time.     International Rothschild Jewry have become the new Hitler’s of the 21st Century.

The International Rothschild Empire owns and controls the vast majority of the world’s wealth-  both in financial  and  in resource terms.    Their primary currency is GOLD.   It has been estimated that they collectively own and  control over one half of the world’s gold supply, estimated to be at over $500 TRILLION US dollars.

This Global Fascist Banking Cartel is evil, ruthless and diabolical to its very core and is using every means at its command today to procure  wealth, power and authority solely unto itself.

They own and control the global media, the global militaries, the global intelligence agencies, the global agricultural institutions, the global pharmaceutical industries, the global political establishments, the global religious institutions, the global development establishments, the global land, mineral and water resources and a majority of the world’s nations through their nationwide network of centralized banks.

Their primary goal today is to REDUCE the world’s population with global eugenics/depopulation campaigns aimed at eliminating over 5 BILLION of the world’s citizens.

There are a number of ways they are accomplishing this goal.  Their primary global depopulation/eugenics operation is Global Climate Change.   By purposely NOT solving this threat with alternative/free energy systems and continuing forward with an antiquated and highly polluting hydrocarbon economy, they are condemning present and future generations to a world of drastic food, water and land shortages as the planet rapidly warms.  This will, in turn, destroy the lives of countless BILLIONS throughout the world in the fullness of time. 

Another way they are accomplishing this goal is with PURPOSEFUL underdevelopment policies and strategies (primarily in the 3rd world) which ALREADY takes the lives of up to 40 MILLION  innocent men, women and children every year through hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition (that’s over 6 jewish holocausts annually) .   The only term that can possibly describe this mass level of global genocide is: THE GREAT HOLOCAUST.

Wars, the propagation of GMO (genetically modified) food, fluoridated water, vaccines, radiation releases and purposely engineered famines, pestilences, pandemics and diseases are other diversified ways they are carrying out their pro-DEATH agenda worldwide amongst the peoples and nations of the world.

The International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel promotes an international permanent war economy and is itself nothing short of an international  war crimes racketeering syndicate.  It is the most vicious and ruthless empire that has ever arisen in the history of the world. This insidiously evil, wicked and diabolical force in world affairs has been responsible for the deaths of billions of human beings in the past and is setting itself up to be responsible for the deaths of billions more in the future if they are not stopped. The Rothschild Jews are quickly becoming the GREATEST mass murderers in all of human history.
As such,  the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel has turned itself into the SUPREME enemy of Mankind, as well as becoming the SUPREME enemy of all other LIFE on Earth.

Runaway Global Climate Change has ALREADY resulting in a “locked-in” 5-10 degree Fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100.  This increase, by all accounts, will prove to be absolutely CATASTROPHIC for the health, well-being and survivability of the human enterprise on into the foreseeable future.

Massive radiation releases into the global environment through the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, nuclear power plants leaks and nuclear reactor complex disasters such as at Fukushima, Japan, are slated to KILL life for generations to come as the lethality of this radioactivity quickly moves into the genetic gene pool of all life on Earth in the years and decades to come.   DU has a half life of 3.5 BILLION years, which means it will go on killing life for literally, time immemorial.

Recognizing these threats to our survival and continuity as a species, it is high time to forcibly REMOVE, PUNISH and EXTERMINATE  those who bear prime responsibility for this calculated, cold blooded global and inter-generational genocide: International Rothschild Jewry.  As it was right and proper to remove Hitler and destroy the German 3rd Reich during World War 2, so it is high time to remove and destroy the Jewish “Nazi” 4th Reich today.

I hereby issue a clarion call to all freedom fighters and defenders of life, liberty and justice  worldwide to use any and all means available to wipe this Jewish Rothschild scourge from off the face of this planet for all time.  Let us never forget that it was the Rothschild Jew who was primarily responsible for funding the Nazi 3rd Reich, who were primarily responsible for killing 6 million Jews during World War 2.  These are the people that funded International Communism through Marx, Trotsky and Stalin that ended up killing over 60 million of their fellow Russian citizens.  These are the people who funded Mao, who ended up killing tens of millions of his own people in Indo-China.   And the list goes on…

With the Jewish Holocaust of World War 2 (which the Rothschild Jew funded and directed), they think has bought themselves immunity from world scrutiny and blame for the atrocities they are committing today (as they have diabolically planned all along).  Wrong.  They have only reinforced the diabolical nature of who and what they really are: supreme agents of the Devil.  It is none other than LUCIFER himself who the Jewish Rothschild Empire serves.  In all truth, they are become the SYNAGOGUE of SATAN.

 Let us pray for the DAY that comes quickly when the Kingdom of Heaven returns in FIRE, VENGEANCE and in GREAT GLORY to completely overthrow this wicked world and forcibly cast into HELL all the servants of the Devil who now abound on this planet   May our Heavenly Father completely RID the world of both evil man and fallen angel and give them ALL a fate “worse than death” for their crimes on the Great Day of Heavenly Judgement.




Six Shadowy Companies that Secretly Run the Internet

Black Listed News

Six Shadowy Companies that Secretly Run the Internet

February 21, 2014
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An insight into the shadowy, yet powerful companies who have a big influence on the way the World Wide Web works.

6-shadowy-companies edit

Time to TERMINATE the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel

There are only 5 nations on Earth whose central banks are NOT controlled by the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel:

Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Syria.  Interesting to note that the west has declared ‘war’ on all these nations and has indicted most of their leaders for so-called “war crimes” before the international war crimes tribunal at the hague (owned by the rothschild empire).

Sorry, rothschild jewry, it is YOU who are the world’s premiere international terrorists and genocidal murderers…

The International Jewish Rothschild empire, headquartered in the CITY of London, UK is directly responsible for the needless deaths of at least 40 million innocent men, women and children EVERY YEAR on this planet from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition.

(that’s over 6 jewish holocausts annually)

The Rothschild’s control the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, the principle global development institutions on earth responsible for international development worldwide.  These institutions are PURPOSELY implementing unsustainable development policies that contribute to their global depopulation/eugenics agenda to depopulate the planet and kill off as many people worldwide as they can.

The Rothschild’s own and control the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, which is primarily responsible for dragging the world into endless wars of aggression, further contributing to their depopulation agenda.

The Rothschild Empire also owns and controls the 6 big media conglomerates on Earth- who control most of the world’s news and information.  This global propaganda empire serves the rothschild jew only and has no basis in truth or reality.

It is the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel that has literally destroyed the planet, plunging us into the global environmental emergency known as global climate change.  Thanks to the Rothschild jew, our civilization is now “locked-in” to a 5-10 fahrenheit increase in global temperatures by 2100.  This will prove to be absolutely catastrophic for the future of human civilization.

Rothschild jewry owns and controls the international nuclear power empire responsible for plunging the world into the greatest environmental disaster in world history: Fukushima.   Fukushima will kill hundreds of millions of people If not billions) in the fullness of time when all is said and done.  This is a level of genocide the world has never witnessed before.

It is time to TERMINATE the Jewish Rothschild Empire.  They must be ALL be arrested, prosecuted, jailed and executed for their international crimes against humanity.   If they are NOT held to account in this short lifetime (which seems likely), then rest assured, they WILL be held to account in the world to come and BURNED forever in the HELL that surely awaits them ALL at the Judgement.


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