Editorial                                                                21. January. 2014




The world is overpopulated.  As of early 2014, there are over an estimated 7.3 billion people on Earth.  Most people who go about their daily lives can see the increase in cars, people,
houses, pollution and chaos in their surrounding environment, yet few comprehend the sheer
magnitude of the global crisis we all  now face.

If people lived green, sustainable lifestyles, the planet could probably handle between 2-3
billion maximum.  As it is now, the carrying capacity of the planet has been breached by an
estimated 3-fold.  In strict biological terms, human civilization is in classic overshoot.

More and more people, of course, translates into increased resource use and pollution,
congestion, urban sprawl, a decimation of the natural environment and a sharpened deterioration of the quality of human life. 

In global climatic terms, we have now reached (and breached) the critical stage of runaway global climate change.  We are now “locked-in” to a 5-10 fahrenheit degree increase in global mean temperature  by 2100- even if all burning of fossil fuels ceased today.

Rapidly dwindling supplies of finite fresh water will add to the severity of the catastrophe we are
now facing, as we begin to witness the rapid depletion of groundwater and the desertification of
large swaths of land worldwide, due primarily to Global Warming.

Billions of people will increasingly become more desperate in their search for food and fresh water in the years to come as megacities (populations of more than 10 million) and other urban and rural areas continue to expand.

Truly, it is high time to implement China’s “one child per family” policy worldwide.  The projected increase of 9-10 billion people by 2050 cannot be sustained and will wreck what’s left of our planet’s fragile ecology.

Already, more than 1/2 of the world’s population (3.5 billion as of 2014) live at, near or below poverty and adequate nutrition levels.

Depopulation and eugenics campaigns designed to purposely kill off a large percentage of the planet’s population have already been instituted by the global elite.  These include the poisoning of our food, air and water with GMO (genetically modified) food, fluoride in our water and widespread radiation releases in the developed world (re: Fukushima).  In the developing world, this has translated into purposely unsustainable World Bank, IMF and World Trade Organization development policies designed to kill off a large portion of the Third World population with hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition.

What it all comes down to is people’s worldview and value system, particularly in the area of consumption, reproduction and care and compassion for other sentient life forms on Earth.

People must learn NOT to have children or limit their child bearing to one child per family only (until the global population rate can be stabilized and reduced to sustainable levels).  It means NOT participating in an over-consumptive economy and lifestyle that exploits the world’s poor and destroys the global environment.  That means no more gas guzzling trucks and SUV’s, no more meat-eating, extravagant lifestyles or participation in a lemming-like culture that blindly submits to authority and remains brainwashed by the corporate
global media.  If people continue in their arrogant, decadent, irresponsible, selfish, unsustainable and wasteful ways, simply put, they DESERVE to DIE, either at the hands of the global elite with their depopulation death campaigns or by  Mother Nature’s ruthless ways of re-balancing the global ecology ( with hurricanes, drought, famine, floods, pestilence
desertification etc…)

Willingly or per force’, human civilization WILL change its reproductive ways.  To ease the Great Transition to a sustainable, green world society and help bring down global population levels, people must learn to take matters of survival into their own hands- and THAT means completely separating oneself and one’s family from the current  dominant culture of death, deception and destruction.  We all need to work to create a new system within the shell
of the old that cares, nurtures and takes responsibility for our future, as well as protects the global environment from which we all draw sustenance.


Drew Cathart
Big Sur, California




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